Posture Devices – Do They Really Work?

Words like “Don’t slouch!” or “Sit up straight!” were probably said by your mother when you were growing up. And as you know, mothers are always right. They knew back then that posture is important and that it can affect your life. You probably even were one of those kids who had to use a posture brace for some time. And you just hated. If there was something that you thought back then was that you would never do that to your own kids. However, you grew up and you’re now a parent. And you constantly see them slouching or just not sitting up straight. But now you have an alternative for them. Besides the fact that posture braces evolved and became more comfortable, modern, and able to provide more support, the fact is that they are still braces. So, you can try a posture device instead.

When you have a good posture you’ll feel a lot more energetic, and you’ll feel less fatigue and stress. Plus, you’ll show off a more confident image, you’ll breathe better, you’ll have a healthy spine, your digestion and circulation will improve, and it will also help your joints and muscles.

As you can see, the benefits of having a good posture are tremendous so you really need to improve yours.

There are many different kinds of posture devices to choose from. They also vary in the way you wear them and how they tell you that your posture isn’t good.

#1: Lumo Lift:


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This is a small plastic sensor that you need to place behind a tight T-shirt. It includes a magnetic clasp so that you can hold it well. Whenever you slouch, the Lumo Lift will buzz a gentle reminder. Despite they also have an iOS app as well, you really only need it in case you want to check out your progress in terms of posture hours.

#2: Darma:


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Darma is the perfect posture device when you need to sit on a desk for hours. Darma is basically a memory foam cushion that monitors your sitting habits, posture, and stress levels. It then connects all the information with their app that is available for both Android and iOS devices.

#3: UpRight:


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The Upright posture device works in a different way from the previous 2. You will need to use it directly on your skin, on your lower back to be more precise. It’s 4 inches long, so it may not be as discreet when you want to go to the beach, for example. However, this posture device includes two sensors (the reason why it needs to be so big) that will vibrate when you start slouching. You also have the option to use or not their app that s also available for Android and iOS users.

#4: Alex:


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Alex is similar to a neckband headphone and includes two stretchable and squeezable legs outside of the ear. Alex is particularly helpful when you have problems positioning your head and neck. When you start slouching, it will gently vibrate to let you know that your posture is no longer the best one. One thing that you can do with Alex is customizing the intensity and frequency of the alerts.

If you’re one of those people who just like to use the latest technology on everything, you can use these posture devices in order to have a good posture. However, you should also consider taking a look at the more traditional posture braces. You can even choose a forward head posture brace in case you think it’s more appropriate for you.

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